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One of our goals is to “spread the word” about what Live Blood Analysis is — and how it can help people in many different ways.  And, the more informed you are, the more you are likely to benefit from both our testing and our post-analysis treatment programs.

As you scroll down this page, you’ll find information that will be helpful in many ways.

Appearing first is a series of FAQ’s. To view the answers, simply click on the “toggle” buttons to the right of any question.

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Why Is Looking At Live Blood Important?

Blood is the most fascinating body fluid to watch. Your blood is in constant change, with red blood cells, white cells, platelets, bacterias, yeasts, parasites and more. The life of the body is in the blood – and the quality of your blood determines your health status. Learning more about the quality of your blood will help you to develop a suitable strategy to bring you to a better state of health, well being, and wholeness.

What will Live Blood Analysis do for me?

By observing living blood under a microscope, we can get a real time, dynamic and concrete visual perspective of the state of our internal biological terrain. By seeing what’s in your blood, we can recommend ways to improve your health and well-being

What Is Darkfield Blood Analysis & how does it work?

Darkfield blood analysis uses a high-definition microscope to analyze the blood. This method is very useful for the early detection of serious health conditions. As the blood is being analyzed under the microscope the images are being passed to a monitor screen where patient and practitioner can analyze and discuss the patient’s blood in its living state.

It is a way to look at one drop of your living blood from a simple prick of your finger. That drop is placed on a slide, enlarged 4000 times and projected onto a monitor. The invisible comes alive as you instantly enter the world of your living blood.

How does the LBA process work?

Advanced microscopy is conducted by placing 1 drop of the patient’s blood from their finger onto a microscope slide, which is viewed at high magnification using a darkfield microscope. Darkfield microscopy is a valid scientific tool which uses special lighting to examine cells. The drop of blood is illuminated using an ‘ultra-darkfield’ which allows us to view the blood in its living state. This special technique allows patient and practitioner to view aspects that cannot normally be seen through conventional diagnostics, making it an excellent tool.

What is different about LBA blood testing?

Traditional blood tests use a light source so hot that it kills the blood. That leaves a stain which is then examined only for a particular microbe – it is an autopsy of your blood.

Darkfield Microscopy uses cooler light and contrasting fields to examine your living blood.

What additional things are revealed using Darkfield Microscopy?

Using darkfield microscopy we can detect the ‘quality’ of the patient’s blood, we can view red blood cells (erythrocytes), white blood cells (leucocytes), platelets, metabolic byproducts (toxicity), infection such as bacteria, fungal, parasites, (pathogenic micro-organisms), anaemia, weakened immune system.

Not only can we observe all this but we can also analyze the behavior of the contents of the blood e.g. when red blood cells become stacked together a phenomena called Rouleaux occurs. This situation greatly reduces the red blood cells ability to function properly. This occurrence reduces oxygenation of the blood and reduces the transport of vitamins and nutrients.

We can also observe our white blood cells which help us to defend against infection. We can see how well our systems are detoxing if toxin appear in the bloodstream.

It is also possible to observe fungal and bacterial forms in the bloodstream which ordinarily should not be there. This diagnostic tool is invaluable for the early detection of serious health problems.

What will you show me about my live blood?

You will see your live blood and learn:

  • Imbalances that are developing at a sub-cellular level;
  • Toxins from the air, water and food that are ingested daily;
  • Your red and white blood cells at work;
  • Vitamin deficiencies;
  • Proper dosages of supplements to correct unhealthy conditions.
What else will you report about my blood?

You will see your dried blood and learn:

  • If you have any heavy metals in your body;
  • Amounts of oxidative stress;
  • Different states of stagnation or vitality of the organs and the body;
  • Free radical damage.
At the end of my session, what will I receive?

You will leave your session with:

  • An individualized Nutritional Lifestyle & Wellness Program that will help you return your body to its optimal healthy balance.
  • A sense of empowerment because you now have the information to make intelligent choices to increase your well being and vitality.
  • The delights of watching your living blood get cleaner and stronger as you feed your body differently.
  • The joy of having seen your immune system in full living color and knowing that it is getting stronger.

One Drop Of Blood

One drop of blood — all it takes for the first step on your path to new health and well-being!  Call for an appointment  today.

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