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At Live Blood Solutions we help people find natural solutions to their health problems through Live Blood Analysis. We also train health practitioners in this fascinating and unique treatment and show then how they too can help their clients achieve and maintain optimum health with the help of Live Blood Analysis.

We help our clients and practitioners to find the cause of health problems and offer natural solutions. we specialize in getting clients on the right diet for optimum health, pH balance, vitality, and well being.

Live Blood Analysis can show food allergies & intolerance, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, candida, IBS, metal toxicity, free radical damage, liver stress, hormonal imbalance, prostrate, lymphatic congestion, parasites, inflammation, bowel & colon problems.

www.livebloodsolutions.com is where we show health practitioners how Live Blood Analysis can really help them:

  • Find and confirm the underlying cause of their clients health issues
  • Decide on the best course of treatment
  • Monitor the efficacy of the chosen treatment


1. Live Blood Analysis (“LBA”):  We use an ultra high-powered Darkfield Olympus Imaging Microscope to examine the condition of your blood. Looking at your blood cells in their environment provides a “picture” of the “cellular you” — what’s going in terms of your blood chemistry and biology. We report the LBA findings to you and discuss their meaning.  As a result, you’ll be educated and informed about the health of your blood and the holistic implications of what’s been revealed. (Click here for details.)

2. Detoxification Programs: We create an individualized program to remove toxins from your body.  This program is based on the analysis of your blood revealed by the LBA process.  Our solutions are based on holistic, naturopathic principles, solutions, and practices.

3. Healthy-Aging Programs: Let’s face it – as we get older we wrinkle, sag, and get aches and pains.  To counteract these conditions, let us create a personalized “Anti-Aging Program” for you. It will be designed to get you looking good and feeling good. Our programs are based on the latest high-tech supplements to keep you youthful and beautiful – in safe ways without harmful side-effects.

4. Nutritional Counseling:  Discover safe, effective ways to lose weight, improve blood sugar levels, and achieve improved well-being.  As a an experienced natural-medicine pharmacist and nutritionist, Dr. Bajon will advise you on recommended supplements – ones that you can safely use with any medications you may be taking — as well as supplements which  are contraindicated (i.e. ones you shouldn’t take).

5. Holistic Weight Control – Via A “Natural” Approach: Lose weight the natural way. Let Dr. Bajon help you create a dietary approach that brings you to your desired weight — without drugs!  His knowledge of a proper and balanced approach to the “food groups” paves the pathway to natural weight loss with ease and delight!

6. Muscle Testing: Muscle testing is a way to test your individual energetic fingerprint against other energetic patterns. Then, based on the results, we recommend natural ways to clear blockages and increase the flow of energy and strength in your body.  (Click here for details.)



The rate for an initial LBA analysis is $250.00 (90-minute session)

Consultations and follow up appointments are $150.00.  (45-minute appointment)



To make an appointment, call Dr. Bajon directly at 858.336.7869.  

Alternatively, you may email us at drbajon@gmail.com and we will get back in touch with you. Please include any pertinent details about your situation and/or specific questions we might address.  Also, please let us know the best time and method to connect with you.  

Our offices are located at:


4455 Morena blvd
Suite 106
San Diego, Ca 92117
(858) 336-7869

One Drop Of Blood

One drop of blood — all it takes for the first step on your path to new health and well-being!  Call for an appointment  today.

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Dr. Stefan Bajon



Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is the first step toward discovering pathways to improved health. Learn the details here.

Detox Your Blood & Your Body

Based on the results of your LBA we develop an individualized plan to improve your well-being

Anti-Aging Programs

Our goal is that you experience the joys and benefits of feeling better and looking good.  Here’s how:

Personalized Nutrition Programs

We do more than tell you about “An-Apple-A-Day”.  We help find the right supplements that will help you reach your goals for good health and vital living.