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What is affecting your Health?

Live Blood Analysis (“LBA”) Has The Answers.

Live Blood Analysis is a live blood screening process that instantly provides information about your health, right in front of you as you watch. It can evaluate indicators of health that are unavailable to other forms of blood testing and it can detect some pathological changes and dysfunction that occurs in the early stages of disease. Using just one drop of blood (taken from a quick fingertip), I will examine your blood, while you watch it. It is quick and easy, and is suitable for all ages, including children.


One drop of your blood …….

BLOOD-PRICK-fingerOne drop gives a snapshot of your health! When you first see your live blood sample on a monitor you see a multitude of living, moving shapes – red and white cells and more – a complete microcosm. There are red blood cells that are larger than the norm and we know they are missing B 12 and/or Folic acid – an essential requirement for each cell in your body. First. you feel tired and if enough of this hanky panky is going on you could acguire peripheral nerve pain. And all just because of a lack of B12 or Folic acid!

Good to know and see. And very inexpensive to remedy.

Learning About Your Blood At the Cellular Level

Each red cell has a positive charge internally and requires a negative surrounding. When this is beautifully balanced then the zeta potential is correct, but when the charge is faulty they do not stay separated. The result is a sort of “hugging,” often in neat and tidy rolls of discs. This symptom offers much information! We know that red cells need to be like Lone Rangers and travel on their own. When they are rolled up together and when these rolls are even 5-F Image blood-cell1sometimes rolled up against each other, then it’s more like a huge posse trying to ride on one horse and circulatory problems ensue.

White cells … they are interesting creations! We all have six, plus different kinds on board and each has its own form and function, which can only be seen at 1000 X magnification. They seem to behave like beings on their own – in pursuit of their targets, i.e. bacteria, fungi, Candida yeasts, and Parasites.



Three Good Reasons To Get A Live Blood Analysis

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1.       DEMONSTRATE the negative impact of poor diet and lifestyle choices to you:

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is especially true when you may not be aware of the negative impact of the unbalanced diet on your health. No other tool provides such a powerful visual demonstration of the effects of unhealthy diet & lifestyle choices.

2.       MOTIVATE you to make a positive change:

Changing your diet is one of the most difficult things to do and requires a great deal of motivation. When you see the condition of your blood and how it relates to how you’re feeling, you’ll become inspired to take the necessary steps.

3.       REINFORCE positive changes:

Later, when you come back for follow-up, you’ll see the dramatic improvement in your blood. Combined with the reduction of symptoms and improvements in how you feel, you’ll want to persevere with your newly adapted diet protocols until these changes become part of your long-term lifestyle.


Experience “LBA” As A Pathway To Improved Health and Well-Being

Few doctors have the time to look at each patient’s blood – let alone show patients what they see and explain what it all means. Microscopy does not seem to work into the modern medical paradigm of one disease. one drug. one outcome. Live blood analysis shows the complexity and variability of the entire blood ecology. It is perhaps best used for preventative care, before any serious symptoms appear.


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