Muscle Testing

A Test of the Strength of Your Energies



 Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a way to test your individual energetic fingerprint against other energetic patterns. Einstein said everything is energy, so interferrence fields get set up when the electrons in one substance do not align or are compativle with the electrons in your own body. Watch this video:


All the 10,000 plus bottles of supplements all over Health food stores and the internet, MLM’s, etc etc. are all trying to sell you something to make you feel better, but not one person can really tell you how much to take.

Muscle testing will ask your body what it wants and how much of it to take. What you get out of it is a truly individualized, tailor-made supplements guided by the LBA and then exactly how much of each one of many supplements is needed to balance your body chemistry.

This will strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, normalize your digestive tract, revitalize you, and prevent you from succumbing to all kinds of degenerative illnesses.

Then we can check your blood in 6 to 8 weeks to see if we have accomplished our goals. All done scientifically and with intentions of helping you to have all the energy you need, and freedom from pain to accomplish your dreams. I do not sell supplements myself so there is no conflict of interest, but I do know what all the best ones are that are free from toxic binders, fillers, chemical solvents, that unscrupulous profiteers are using cheap imitations which are going to actually make you sicker.


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