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Candida & Weight Loss


“I was sick and tired of being sick and overweight, and of battling Candida, and sugar and carb cravings. Dr Bajon took one drop of blood, and did a live blood analysis …. He put me on his program, got rid of the Candida yeasts from the leaky gut syndrome … In two months on his program of Natural supplements, I lost 40 pounds, all my energy came back, anxiety left,  and I feel great now! Thank you Dr Bajon.”

Steve Miller, Executive for a Computer Company.

Blood Toxins and Fibromyalgia


“I developed fibromyalgia in my early 40’s and no traditional doctor had an answer for me when I asked, ‘How do I get over this?’ Then I found Dr Bajon and his live blood analysis. Seeing my blood and hearing what he had to say helped me to see that the toxic over load I had was my biggest problem.   Thanks to Live blood analysis I no longer suffer from Fibromyalgia and I am healthier than ever after the detoxing program he helped me with.”

Christine Page


Live Blood Analysis and Nutrition     


“Dr. Bajon was able to look at my live blood and give accurate information on what my current state of health. By visually witnessing the areas of challenge happening in my bloodstream, I felt empowered to take action. Dr Bajon gave me holistic advice on foods and diet. It all made so much sense and – most importantly – I very shortly felt a significant improvement! Seeing your own live blood is necessary for anyone on a healing journey!”

Linda Marquez, Journey Practitioner, San Diego, CA. 

A Physician’s Endorsement of Live Blood Analysis


“Live blood analysis is an invaluable tool for giving insight into one’s state of health. I recommend to anyone who is interested in optimizing their health.”

Randy Baker, M.D.

Health & Well-Being Through The Empowerment of “LBA”

“Being able to look at my blood gives me an additional way to monitor the state of my health. It is fascinating to see the changes in my blood as I make changes in my diet, water intake, thinking and life style. The Live Blood Cell Analysis interpretations and suggestions of Dr. Bajon, provide me with valuable information and insights and empower me to actively and intelligently create a healthier, more vibrant life for myself.”

Sandra Hayner, Advanced KMI Structural Integrator, San Diego, CA.

Detox and De-Stress For Strength & Energy


“I am an all natural, competitive, bodybuilder.  When I started to feel a little sluggish and run down in the afternoons, I went to  have my blood looked at.  These are a few of the things that I saw:  adrenal stress, toxic bowel, liver stress, undigested protein, and yeast.  I have been using alkalizing principles the Dr. Bajon recommended to me for about three months and am feeling much better throughout the day.  I’ll be going back to have my blood looked at again after a total of four months, but I already know that my blood will look a lot better based on how I am now feeling. “


Healing of Candida and Related Symptoms


At the beginning of this  year I was experiencing headaches that would last up to 3 weeks, brain fog, changes in bowel movement, fatigue, and some weight gain.  I knew immediately candida (which I’ve experienced for years) was back. I was referred to Dr. Bajon. 

His  “Life Blood Analysis” is fascinating. It was amazing to look at my blood, it’s alive and things are moving about. I was also able to see the candida clusters. Dr. Bajon recommended Syntol. One week after beginning to take it, the migraines disappeared and never returned. It only took 2 month of taking Syntol (270 caps), not years, to get rid of candida. Nothing has ever worked like Syntol — and amazingly in such a short time. I am so thrilled! Most sincerely,”

Brigitte Gibbs

One Drop Of Blood

One drop of blood — all it takes for the first step on your path to new health and well-being!  Call for an appointment  today.

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