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Dr. Stefan R. Bajon – Nutritionist,
Essential Oil and Aroma Therapist,
and Parasitologist

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Dr. Stefan R. Bajon is a richly experienced educator, healer, and researcher in the Holistic Health and Natural Medicine field. His specialities include being an expert nutritionist, an essential oil and aroma therapist, and parasitologist.

He has been a natural medicine pharmacist for over 40 years, and was the first doctor to teach a course in Holistic Health and Natural Medicine at the University of California (UCSD) in their Extension Programs.

He graduated from Northeastern University School of Pharmacy and the Bernadean School of Traditional Naturopathy.

Dr.Bajon has mastered the arts of Live Blood Analysis and  Live Cell computer imaging, both of which he uses to provide individual healing protocols. He is nationally recognized for his research on several of today’s chronic diseases such as the impact of the Candida (yeast) in the blood and what sugar does to the blood, (see the video “Death by Sugar”, featured elsewhere on this website).

He has published papers on protocols for natural treatment for leaky gut syndrome and Candida removal. He is presently researching how Lyme Disease affects the blood and marker identifiers of the co-infections associated with tick born illnesses. Dr. Bajon is also an educator in the fields of Healthy Aging, Nutritional Therapies, and the impact of parasites on one’s overall heath.

As a Clinical Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Bajon supports people as they adopt new dietary regimes to become more robust in body, mind, and spirit. His approach facilitates radical shifts  in the well being of his clients. To do this, he uses a highly personalized and interactive approach, taking time with each patient to listen on a deep level and develop an individualize approach for their improved health.


San Diego-based, he performs his work in Live Blood Analysis (“LBA”) , Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), and his other naturopathic services at the offices of “Pacific Center of Health“. He is available on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Call him at 858.336.7869  to schedule a time for you to learn more about your current health and how to create more wellness and well-being in your life.

If live outside of the San Diego area, Dr. Bajon can still provide valuable support and  information to you.  Call him to find out more about dry blood analysis.  It is fast, easy, and effective.

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Dr. Bajon’s primary goal is to use his knowledge and skills to help people to become more  robust body, mind, and spirit — in healthy and natural ways.  Don’t we all want that?  Start in that direction today by contacting Dr. Bajon!


Dr. Stefan R. Bajon


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