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Live Blood Analysis & Holistic Health

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Live Blood Analysis Provides Insights

Into Why You Might Be Experiencing:

One drop of your blood, analyzed right in front of you, 

provides a window into your “Real Health”


you will also receive recommendations for 

how to “eliminate” the symptoms you experience 

with natural remedies and practices recommended by


Dr. Stefan R. Bajon, Pharmacist,

Certified Nutritionist &

Traditional Naturopath

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Almost 100 years ago, Edgar Cayce (a medical intuitive) predicted a person’s entire
state of health would be determined by the evaluation of one drop of blood.

The time for YOUR IMPROVED HEALTH has arrived!

At Live Blood Solutions we help people find natural solutions to their health problems through Live Blood Analysis. We also train health practitioners in this fascinating and unique treatment and show then how they too can help their clients achieve and maintain optimum health with the help of Live Blood Analysis.

We help our clients and practitioners to find the cause of health problems and offer natural solutions. we specialize in getting clients on the right diet for optimum health, pH balance, vitality, and well being.

Live Blood Analysis can show food allergies & intolerance, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, candida, IBS, metal toxicity, free radical damage, liver stress, hormonal imbalance, prostrate, lymphatic congestion, parasites, inflammation, bowel & colon problems.

www.livebloodsolutions.com is where we show health practitioners how Live Blood Analysis can really help them:

  • Find and confirm the underlying cause of their clients health issues
  • Decide on the best course of treatment
  • Monitor the efficacy of the chosen treatment