pH Imbalances

A “Litmus Test” for Bodily Well-Being



pH Imbalances


When our bodies are too acidic, we become vulnerable to sickness.  This is because acid oxidizes our cells, robbing them of vital nutrients.

Live Blood Analysis can provide indicators of pH Imbalances — indicators that call for a change in diet and the need to supplements to move your body toward a healthier, more alkaline state.

As a Clinical Certified Nutritionist, Dr. Stefan R. Bajon can help you make these types of health improvement — with ease and delight!

For more information about pH Imbalances and what can be done to correct them, read the article that appears below.

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pH Imbalances –

How Correcting pH Balance Improves Your Health

By Dr. Stefan R. Bajon

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When I do a Live Blood Analysis and identify a pH problem I know I am dealing with a body that has become acidified. When all the erythrocytes are stuck together and have lost their Zeta Potential(the opposite charge that repels the RBC’s so that they can remain singular and able to pass through the capillaries to deliver the oxygen) the body gets very fatigued. Acidification causes a host of ailments that leads to joint and muscle pains, tiredness, and depression.

This can be corrected by alkalizing the body with certain minerals, drinking lots of green juices, eating salads, and staying away from GMO red meats, Salmonella infested chickens, and mercury laden fish. Certain supplements can also help to keep the body alkaline.

As the pH moves from down at 5 or 6 upwards toward 7, things began to improve. I have read that no one can get cancer with a pH of 8 or higher.


pH stands for “potential of hydrogen”, because the concentration of hydrogen atoms in a solutions determines its pH value. Measured on a scale of 0 to 14, the lower numbers indicating higher acidity. Water, which is considered neutral (neither acidic nor alkaline), has a pH of 7. See charts for more explanation. Each time the number increases it does so by a factor of 10. A ph of 4 is a 1000x more acidic than 7 for example. A pH of 8 is 10x more alkaline that a pH of 7.

The body’s pH balance strongly influences the risk for osteoporosis, muscle loss, fractures, and kidney stones. It may also foster diabetes, heart disease, thyroid problems, high blood pressure, cancer, and other insidious conditions.

When the body’s fluids become too acidic, minerals are pulled out of bones and tissues, to compensate, leading in the long term, to thinner bones, and lower muscle mass. Overly acidic tissues also make one susceptible to inflammation(a known risk for many diseases), impair enzymatic reactions in cells, and overload the lymphatic system, impeding the body’s natural detoxification process.

Too Much Salt Causes pH Imbalances!

Understanding acid and alkaline is something most people already kind of understand. Dill pickles get their tartness from vinegar, an acid. And milk of magnesia which is alkaline can help settle an upset (overly acid stomach). Keeping the urine alkaline can prevent kidney stones. Many doctors miss however, more subtle signs of low grade metabolic acidosis( roughly translated as a chronically acidic system) that can affect long term health.

About 90% of the people I see in my practice have an over acidification in their bodies. It is extremely common in our stressed out society. A healthy diet makes sense to keep the body alkaline and living in constant stress about financial worries, or health issues makes the body acidic. Most Americans are averaging between 7 and 8 grams of salt per day compared to the optimal amount of about  1.5 grams. When we take in too much salt, we acidify our body.

Foods rich in chloride, phosphates, and sulfates, are acid forming, meaning they shift the body toward greater acidity. Any food with added salt(sodium chloride) should be suspect, including processed foods in jars, bottles, cans, and boxes, as well as regular restaurant meals, i.e. fast food places. Eating too much dairy, meat, and poultry are extremely acid forming.

Improving pH Balances

The good news is that Acid-Alkaline balances are not that hard to regulate. You can make very simple changes to your diet – and improve your body’s pH balance within days.

Making changes to the diet and adding the foods that increase alkalinity improves one’s health enormously. Helpful nutrients in foods like Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium or bicarbonate are alkaline forming. This means that they can shift the body toward a neutral or alkaline pH. This pH will enable the bones to hold on to their calcium and keep them strong. Green veggies especially are major sources of potassium.

Test Your Own pH

The pH Self Test is easy to do. Just get some pH litmus paper from the health food store. Enzymatica makes one. Test the first morning urine for 7 days to get an average. If it is 7 you are doing great. Anything under 6.6 is not good. Medications, stress, and bad diet can cause many health problems. Come in for a Live Blood Analysis to check out your acidification levels and find out the right foods and nutrients that can make your body alkaline again.

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